You may be wondering, how do I post things to Japan? How do I send things home? How do I mail my CLAIR Japanese test? Here are some answers for you.

Tip: Look out for the postal symbol in Japan:
Tip: To type the postal symbol 〒 using a Japanese IME (Input Method Editor) type 'yu u bi n' and cycle through the options.

Letters & the Post Office
English website
Posting home
It is easy to send packages and letters to foreign countries from most post offices in Japan.
You can write the address in English.
Most post offices, including smaller local ones, should be able to send letters and small packages abroad.
At larger ones, you may be required to pull a number to determine your spot in the queue.
Tips: Asking for 'koukubin' (airmail) will normally get your meaning across quickly.
Writing the country name in Japanese can make it easier for staff.

You can buy stamps in any post office. They are called 'kitte' in Japanese.
If you put a stamp on a letter, you can post it in any red post box (see picture above). So, with your CLAIR Japanese language test, you can affix a stamp and post it without visiting the post office.
You can also buy stamps at any conbini (though depending on your conbini, they might not have exact stamps for International Mail). Just tell them the price of the stamp + 'kitte'+ the number of stamps you want.

Openings hours
The opening hours for Japanese post offices varies by location. Smaller post offices may close by 4pm, others are open later.
Generally, they are closed on weekends, though larger branches (especially main city branches) will be open for limited hours with only a limited number of windows open.
Also, most post offices have an 'ATM Corner' which is open at usual ATM hours.

Sending things to Japan

General costs
Domestic postcards :: 50 yen
International postcards :: 70 yen
Domestic regular letter :: 80 yen
International letters (varies)
----Australia or New Zealand: 190 yen
----UK: 190 yen
----Canada: 190 yen
----US: 110 yen
----South Africa: 230 yen

This a typical schedule from a post office: