We recommend the following places to stay when you visit sunny Okayama:

Okayama City:

Business Hotels

To read about options in English, you can check out this page at TripAdvisor.com,
however, they're a bit spammy and it's hard to get through to the actual business websites.
There are many hotels available in Okayama, this is an abbreviated list.

Toyoko Inn (3 locations)
from 5400 yen (Special prices for after midnight walk-in bookings)
One of the most common hotel chains in Japan. Always clean.
Free, simple, breakfast buffet.
Easy to deal with staff, can understand English.

Riverside Hotel (No English Website)
2,300 - 4,000 yen
Rooms and capsules both available. Capsules are cheaper,
but only an option for men.

Universal Hotels (5 locations - No English Website)
3,400 - up to about 5,000 yen
Capsules, singles, twins, and group rooms available.
A group with 5 hotels in downtown Okayama, some with free
breakfast and dinner. Excellent specials.

Comfort Inn
6,000 yen and up
A familiar, western chain.

Mitsui Garden Hotel
7,800 - 11,500 yen
Very close to Okayama station, this is a higher-end,
Japanese style business hotel suitable for visiting family
or those who want a nicer option than a Toyoko.
Great Japanese style bath on the top floor.

Capsule Hotels

Capsule hotels are a cheaper, leaner option to a typical hotel. Instead of
a room you get a locker, a robe, and a bed just big enough to slide into
and sleep. A good cheap option, or for the adventurous. Women usually
are not allowed, or have a separate area.

Riverside Hotell (No English Website)
2,300 - 4,000 yen
Capsules and rooms both available. capsules are
cheaper, but only available to men.

Hollywood Capsule Hotel and Sauna (No English Website)
3,675 yen
Capsules for men only, directly across from the station. Cheaper option is free time, gives you access to the baths, and communal lounge for sleeping on a reclining chair.


Ryokans are Japanese style inns and hotels, usually providing group rooms,
or rooms with futons instead of western beds. Often times meals are, or can
be provided. Most do not have English-speaking staff or websites.

Saiwai Sou (No English Website)
3,600 - 4,200 yen (more with meals)
Technically named "business hotel Saiwai Sou", this made our ryokan list
for the 3 to 8 people group rooms and meal options.

Midori Sou (No website)
2,500 yen and up
A very cheap, very basic Japanese style inn. Similar to a hostel
and good for small groups. If you search this via Google, it
displays an incorrect website. This ryokan has no website, but
the link at right will give you the location and phone number.

Internet Cafes

Net cafes are a cheap and rough option for those who just need a place to crash.
Many require a first time visitor to purchase a membership card (~1000 yen).
No reservations are required, and internet and showers are included.
If your Japanese is good, you can check this all-inclusive website for Okayama:
Cafeman. Shown below are the major chains and options.

Comic Buster
300 yen registration (one time only)
3 hours - 980 yen
6 hours - 1,580 yen
10 hours - 2,180 yen

Ekimae Cafe
3 hours - 977 yen
6 hours - 1,577 yen
10 hours - 1,977 yen

Media Cafe Popeye
There is a signup charge, and weekends and public holidays are 100 yen more.
6 hours - 1,280 yen
10 hours - 1,980 yen
It's a bit farther from the station which can be a pain if the trams aren't running
but is often less full than the others.

Shiraishi-jima (Island of Shiraishi)

- International Villa
- San-chan's
- The Cottage (managed by the owners of the Moo Bar)