Craving Mexican? Or, really good ramen? You've come to the right place. We've listed good restaurants here, by city and by restaurant name.

Okayama City

Western/Foreign Food

Taco Style - Japanese website - Tacos (duh) in the Taco-Bell/Tex Mex style. Lots of cute, American diner decor. Vegetarian option available.
How to get there: Go out the west exit at Okayama station and start walking along the main street towards the International Center. Keep walking straight for a while, and eventually you'll pass a hospital and another main street. Cross the street to the conbini, and Taco Style should be to the right of the conbini.

Cozzy's コージーズ-Tasty hand made burgers, including a 'baked apple' burger. Near Okayama symphony hall.
How to get there: Head into the Omotecho shopping street from Momotaro-dori entrance, and walk down the first side street on the right. On a corner.
Address: 1-1-40 Omotecho, Kita Ward, Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
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The Market - Serves delicious sandwiches made on wholemeal toasted bread
using organic ingredients.They also have a nice selection of cakes and smoothies.
Service can be a little slow since there's really like, one person who makes the food.
How to get there: Okayama station's west exit...

Moby Restaurant and Bar - An "American country" themed restaurant serving a mix of foods including steaks, chicken, tacos, burritos, possibly pizza too. Some serves can be rather small, so if you're hungry, you better be ready to put down more than 1500yen. There are 2 locations in Okayama.
How to get there: 1. Across from the station, head down the under cover mall next to Bic Camera. It is on the left about 2/3 of the way down. 2. Across from the station, head down the street with Takashimaya on your right, turn right after Takashimaya and follow that road for about 4 or 5 blocks. It is on the basement level of a building, but has a prominent display in front.

Appetito - A fine pizza restaurant in Okayama city, close to the kencho. With a wood-fire oven, they cook up multiple types of pizza in two sizes (small single person, and larger 2-3 people pizzas). They also have a selection of pastas available. Takeout is also an option.
How to get there: Head down Kencho-dori towards the kencho and prefectural library. It is on the right hand side of the road about a block or two from the kencho. The restaurant is on the basement floor, but is accessed by stairs from the street.

CoCo Curry House - English website Japanese website
Japanese style curry. They can supply you with a menu in English. Their curries tend to be very mild by Indian standards, so don't be afraid to order the spicy option.
How to get there: There are many locations in Okayama prefecture, including places close to Okayama station on both sides.

Joyful Family Restaurant - Most locations are open 24 hours. It is a chain restaurant all over Okayama. There is a drink bar (pay one price and have all you can drink).
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Tomato and Onion - A 'family restaurant' chain that specializes in 'hamburg' steaks. Open late.

Swad - Indian food.
How to get there: Located under the Takashimaya Building

Buffet Grand China - Website With 1 location in Okayama prefecture, this all you can eat Chinese buffet is fairly popular. Although missing the special choices of a la carte Chinese restaurants, BGC is still a fine place to get your fill (or overfill) of Chinese style cooking with their tabehoudai and nomihoudai systems. They even have a chef that can make you small bowls of ramen.
How to get there: Located on the 20th floor of the CRED building. Part of the 'skyview' restaurants.

Griglia ぐりぐり家 - Website This Korean BBQ (yakiniku) chain has two locations in Okayama city. They offer three types of all you can eat menus (40 items, 75 items, 100 items) and also offer an all you can drink menu. Both of the ~houdai last for 90 minutes so they pair up well. It is possible to eat and drink without the all you can eat menus, either by selecting a set menu, or buying individual items.
How to get there: Part of the Joypolis complex, 2F. Above the Jankara Karaoke building, across from the station on the east exit.

Japanese Food

Ramen Pub Tanc - A small ramen restaurant which, along with usual ramen options, serves three special ramen types, red, white and black. Red is their spicy ramen, while black is a black broth (uses squid or octopus ink) and topped with fried octopus. White is unknown at this time.
How to get there: From the west exit follow the road left, it is a black building with its name written in largish white letters. across the road from the train tracks.

Ramen Restaurant 'Dake' - Serves a variety of different types of ramen. Choose noodle type, how cooked the noodles are, and broth type. They have a limited specialties during different months. For colder months they have a wonderful Mapo tofu/Maboudofu (マーボー豆腐) ramen. Ramen noodles of your choice are topped with the thick and spicy Maboudofu.
How to get there: From the west exit follow the road left, it is next to Ramen Pub Tanc.

Onomichi Ramen 尾道ラーメン - A small ramen restaurant behind Bic Camera, in the under cover mall. The restaurant can only fit about 6 people inside, and as the name implies, serves ramen from Onomichi. Noodles are slightly flattened and the soup stock contains a slight amount of fish paste and unmelted pork lard (written as 'バター' in the menu). Variations include spicy, soupless and without the lard.

Shodojima Ramen Hishio 小豆島ラーメンHISHIO- Website Recently opened along the main Izakaya street across from Okayama station, this ramen restaurant serves 3 types of ramen at this location. The main ramen, Hishio Soba, is a thick tonkotsu base with two slices of very nice pork chashu which has a taste similar to roast pork. If you're still hungry after eating the contents of the bowl, you can order as many additional sets of noodles you want for free, to put into your remaining soup.
How to get there: From the west exit, cross the road and it's on the street lined with izakaya.

Ippudo 一風堂 - A ramen chain across japan which serves 4 types of ramen broth. Choose which broth you want, then how you want your noodles cooked. You can also purchase the usual ramen side dishes such as gyoza and onigiri. They can supply you with a menu in English.
How to get there: It's on the right hand-side of Momotaro-dori.

Fast Food Restaurants

McDonald's - It's likely you'll recognise this restaurant easily, and it has many locations accross Okayama prefecture. The food is similar to your home country, but there are minor differences and some special items on the menu (teriyaki chicken, for example). Often, they have limited edition burgers or drinks.

Mos Burger - A Japanese burger restaurant. It also has many locations across Okayama prefecture. In Okayama city, Mos Burger is accessible on foot, in front of Sega Joypolis.

KFC - Known as 'Kentucky' in Japan, KFC is KFC. Fried chicken, served in pieces, with or without bones, in sandwiches/burgers or in a wrap. Something to note is that it may be different from your home versions. Portions are generally smaller and the cuts of meat for the sandwiches/burgers aren't made from breast meat. And there are holes in the centers of the biscuits. They also do some non-fried chicken on occasion. Also, due to some cultural craziness, Japanese associate Christmas with eating KFC. Come December you might find lines of people hoping to reserve a bucket of chicken.

Mister Donut - Lots of donuts. Found in many locations in Okayama prefecture, there are two close to either exit of Okayama station.

Sukiya すき家 and Yoshinoya 吉野家 - Two rival fast food restaurants. Often 24 hours, they sell gyudon (sliced beef and onion on rice) at a cheap price. Other options include basic Japanese curry rice, or stews. Usually meals are purchased via a ticket machine, which is then presented to a staff member. Other times, the waiter at the counter will take your order.

Vie de France - A bakery chain which makes a variety of different bread products. From sandwiches, to deep fried curry stuffed bread. They also have a basic drinks menu for coffee, tea, etc. Often located in or near train stations. In Okayama there is one outside of the main above ground ticket gates.

Kimuraya Pan - Another bakery chain that offers fresh and packaged (but still fresh) breads. Most are small shops with limited inventory and minimal drinks, but there is a larger version under Okayama Station in the Ichibangai. There is also a Kimuraya Cafe in Omotecho, which serves breakfast toast and lunch sandwich sets.

Good Dessert Places

Baskin Robbins 31 - 31 Flavors. Specials on the 31st of every month and throughout the year.
How to get there: At least two locations in Okayama city (on Kencho and the other in the station to your right as you exit out the east gate), there's also one at AEON mall in Kurashiki (under the movie theater).

Chateau - Restaurant and cafe place in Takahashi city. Omurice and other Yoshoku style foods, in addition to Parfaits. Has 4 person and 13+ person parfaits (reservation needed).
How to get there: Take the Hakubi Line to Takahashi. When you get out of the station, go right and follow the main road until you hit the canal and turn right to walk up the street. You should pass over the train tracks and then immediately after that is Chateau.

Piipuru (People) - Waffle cafe in Okayama City. Named for the John Lennon song, "Imagine," and ran by the cutest little older couple. They have picked up some English from generations of ALTs that come to enjoy coffee, fresh waffles (served with either maple syrup or chestnut cream) and tart soft serve sundaes (over 20 varieties, ranging from chocolate and corn flakes to fresh lemon juice and blueberry), and they will happily teach you seasonal Okayama-ben. Limited seating so keep it intimate!
How to get there: From the East exit of Okayama-eki, walk down the right side of Momotaro St. Take the second right (one street past McDonald's and Lawsons). It's the small wood-faced shop to your right.

Kurashiki City

Western/Foreign Food

Herb and Spice - Great Indian food. Does an all-you-can-eat on Sunday mornings.
How to get there: Take the main road out of Kurashiki eki until you reach the town hall, Herb and Spice is on your right.

Mata - Another great Indian place. The cheese naan and keema naan are amazing here. The owners are Nepalese and sometimes give out free deserts.
How to get there: From Kurashiki station take the exit towards the mall. Head along the highway until you reach McDonalds, then turn right. Mata will be on your left.
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La Cenetta - A pizza place. Eat-in only. Also does gelatto.
How to get there: Across the road from the Ivy Square complex on the south side.

Pizzeria Cono - The pizza is generally better than La Cenetta and the service faster,and they have more exotic pizza types such as the infamous 'Momotaro pizza'. However, there's less sit-down space and less choice on the menu. They also do delivery.
How to get there: Head down the main street, it's just after the first major right.
Address: 14-3-2-chome, Chuo Kurashiki

Subway - In Aeon mall, there is a Subway restaurant. Subway in Japan is pretty close to their international variants, but sometimes the workers may be a little apprehensive about putting large amounts of salad toppings on the sandwiches. Some of the bread choices are missing and a few of the usual menu selections may also be absent.

Krispy Kreme - In the new ARIO mall, head out the North Exit of Kurashiki station. Krispy Kreme is very popular in Japan and will often have a large line on busy days. From time to time, if the line is very long, they will offer a free doughnut to those people waiting. They sell a number of standard Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but also have a selection (sometimes seasonal) of ones suited to Japanese tastes (green tea doughnut anyone?).

Japanese Food

Marubu/Bukkake Udon - This chain restaurant is native to Kurashiki, serving up udon noodles in a variety of ways. After placing an order you may select additional toppings or sides(such as tempura vegetables, or rice balls) which will be added to your final cost at the end. Bukkake Udon is a soupless udon dish which you later pour a sauce over. A nice noodle dish for hot days.
How to get there: In Kurashiki there are a number of stores at different locations (closest is near the North exit of the station). Look for the black ぶ in a yellow circle.

Red Ramen - A nice, homely ramen place with a distinctive red window display. The decor is modest, but the tamago ramen and gyoza really hit the spot.
How to get there: Take the main road out of Kurashiki eki. It's on the third block on your right, past Momotaro jeans.

Kappa Sushi - There are a lot of sushi train restaurants around, but this chain stands out. Has restaurants in Kurashiki, Nakasho and Tsuyama.
How to get there: The Kurashiki restaurant is near the central overpass, three blocks away from DeoDeo. The Nakasho restaurant is near a Tsutaya about 10 minutes north of the station.

Tenmaya - There are a lot of restaurants in the Tenmaya building next to the railway station, but the Shabu Shabu restaurant on the sixth floor is the standout. Their website has coupons that you can print off for a discount.
How to get there: Literally right outside the station. Out of the ticket gate, take a left and walk straight outside. It's on your left.

ARIO and AEON Malls - Both of these malls offer restaurants and a food court. You can find a number of different food options, Japanese and Western/Foreign, to suit yourself.


Pizza King - Wake is famous to foreigners for Pizza King, which was established by its Iranian owner. They make a variety of pizzas, cooked in a wood-fired oven. They offer lunch specials of a small sized pizza served with a salad, and have a few pasta options available. When ordering pizza, make sure to read the ingredients, as some pizza names are not related to their English counterparts (pepperoni is a capsicum/pepper covered pizza, with no meat).
How to get there: From Wake station's exit, follow the road to the river and cross the footbridge. Once across, turn right, and follow the road until you find Pizza King on your left.


Soondooboo - Japanese website - If you enjoy Tofu, this is the place for you!

Totto Kaiten Zushi: A fairly decent place for sushi in Okayama. It is "kaiten zushi" meaning sushi on a conveyor belt. You're also allowed to order from the chef. The prices are reasonable at about 105yen a plate.

Approximate address: 34-4 Mizokuchi, Soja, Okayama Prefecture 719-1135, Japan (It's behind the McDonald's on the same side of the street).


Chateau Cafe and Rest - Restaurant and cafe place in Takahashi city. Omurice and other Yoshoku style foods, in addition to Parfaits. Has 4 person and 13+ person parfaits (reservation needed).
How to get there: Take the Hakubi Line to Takahashi. When you get out of the station, go right and follow the main road until you hit the canal and turn right to walk up the street. You should pass over the train tracks and then immediately after that is Chateau.
Address: 13-11 Raikyujicho, Takahashi, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

external image chateau-menu.jpeg

San Yakiniku House - Really good yakiniku.
How to get there: Walk out of the station and turn right. Walk about a block and you should see a parking lot. San is the first restaurant in the plaza.

Chalon Bakery: One of the best bakeries in Okayama, it specializes in the freshest breads and croissants. It's best to get there in the morning. Bring your own coffee. There is patio seating.
How to get there: Take the train to the Bitchutakahashi Train Station, walk straight out onto the street that is perpendicular to the station. Make a right at the first light to an undercover street. Walk about 100 meters or so and the you'll see the parking lot to Chalon on the right hand side.


Hinase's Okonomiyaki Restaurants - Japanese Information In the winter months, head to Hinase 日生 on the Ako line to try the town's Kakioko. Okonomiyaki with a filling of large, fresh, Hinase oysters. Okonomiyaki is just one of the ways to enjoy Hinase's oysters. Hori and Morishita Okonomiyaki restaurants are two good places to try it.
How to get there: To get to Hinase, you must take a train that travels on the Ako line and reaches as far as Hinase. Trains that reach Hinase terminate at either Hinase, Banshuako or Himeji. 820 yen from Okayama city.

Katsuhei かつ平 - Katsuhei is a restaurant in Hinase (日生) that specialises in tonkatsu and other pork meat dishes. Run by a friendly couple, they produce large sized meals for a decent price. Their cheese stuffed tonkatsu is certainly one you should try. Meals range from 800 yen to 1200 yen, plus an additional 200 yen if you want a sides (plate of rice, chilled tofu and miso soup).
How to get there: From Hinase station follow the main road to the right. Turn right after the river mouth and follow this street. It's on the corner, 2 blocks down.