If you have questions about anything from school, to mould killers, to official procedures or if you simply want someone who will listen, there are resources at every level for you.
Please use this guide to find who to contact; unfortunately, we can't post everyone's numbers and email addresses on a totally public site, so please look use the reference in bold to find the contact details.

Resources for JET participants:
  • JET line - 03.5213.1729 - talk to official CLAIR people. Mon-Fri 9 am - 6 pm (JET Diary pg. 5; Momotaro)
  • Peer Support Group (PSG) - 050.5534.5566 - Talk anonymously to other JETs. Every day, from 8 pm until 7 am. (JET Diary pg. 5; Momotaro)

  • Your Prefectural Advisors (Momotaro) :
    1. Kayne (CIR PA for Okayama Prefecture)
    2. Maggie (ALT PA for Okayama Prefecture)
    3. Noriaki Imajo (Japanese PA for Okayama Prefecture)
    4. Jessi (ALT PA for Okayama City, but please feel free to contact anyways :) )
  • TELL (English Language Line) (JET Diary pg. 5)
  • International Center - (for help finding English speaking doctors, etc in Okayama City)
  • Other JETs, especially the sempai network. (Rough Guide to Okayama pg. 4)