The basics of getting your own internet:
  • Most ALTs do not arrive with internet set up in their houses/apartments.
  • It varies from place to place which internet service provider you can use.
  • Your supervisor should help you. However, they may not be knowledgeable about internet companies. If they don't help you, ask your PAs and CIR for help.
  • Ask your predecessor about their internet: how they got it set up, which company they are with, how the performance is, how much it costs, how they pay, who you need to ask for help setting it up, if they can leave it in your name, etc.
  • It can (and often does) take a little while (3-4 weeks) to complete all the arrangements for setting up the internet.
  • You will need a bank account and alien registration card to set up the internet.
  • Sometimes someone will come to your home to set up the internet, although this isn't always necessary. But, it involves organising a time/date for the installation.
  • To set up internet in a house, you will most probably need an active land-line phone connected to the house.

Using the internet before you get it set up at home:
  • Your workplace should have internet access.
  • You can visit internet cafes in more urban areas, like Okayama City.
  • Local community centres should have public internet access.
  • Okayama City's library has public internet access.

Ways of setting up internet:
  1. Going into an electronics store, like Bic Camera, and applying for internet with the provider. (fastest option, but involves Japanese-language ability, or help. At least one woman who speaks English works in the internet department of Bic at the time this article is written.)
  2. Phoning a provider and applying via telephone, they send you the applications, and you mail them back.
  3. BB apply.

BB Apply
A company designed to help ex-pats in Japan set up their own internet. It can help you to find out what is available in your area, and apply for the internet. For more information, please look at their website:
BB Apply Website
They have extensive FAQs and information about their service, and internet in Japan.

Internet companies:
  1. Yahoo BB
  2. NTT OCN
  3. Plala (associated with NTT)