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Upcoming Events:

Monthly BBQ
Come join other English teachers, Japanese English teachers, University students, and other awesome people in Okayama City for a monthly BBQ. Located next to Korakuen Garden, there will be BBQs but please bring your own food and drinks. You can either meet people around the fountain in front of Okayama station early and walk with everyone to pick up food along the way, or drop by some time during the day. So long as the weather's nice (or even alright), there'll be a BBQ during the month! Please see facebook for more details on the event, dates and directions.

Annual Events
Welcome Party Beer Garden
Halloween Party at Gorilla Bar
Saidaiji Naked Man Festival - Every February
Shimanami Kaido Bike Ride for Charity - Around April
Sayonara Party

Occasional Events
Touch Rugby Tournament
Soccer Tournament
White Water Rafting
Mt. Fuji Climb
Orphanage Visits
Cooking Classes

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