There are two main ways to send money to your home bank account, GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service
(formerly GoLloyds) and the post office.

GoRemit - English website
You need to register with them but it's very easy and you can do it soon after you arrive.. See here for information on how to register.

You can send money home by using the bank's ATM for a fee of about 500 yen. GoRemit's fee is 2000 yen, and your home bank as well as any intermediary bank will charge small fees. However, it is still fairly cheap to send money home via GoRemit.

It arrives within one or two working days, but most often within a few hours of sending the money from the ATM in Japan, it will arrive in your home account (given the time difference between your home country and Japan). If both banks are in operating hours at the time of transfer, it will be extremely quick.

You send money using the ATM at the bank, via a 振込 (furikomi). GoRemit will send you a welcome email with instructions in both English and Japanese. The Japanese instructions makes it easier for the bank staff to assist you. If you need help, go during desk-hours and ask for someone to guide you through the furikomi transfer and make you a 'furikomi card' which saves the information, so you don't have to input it manually every time to make a transfer. If you can't go during the day, you can ask a current ALT or a friend for help after hours or use our guide to the ATMs.

Chugoku Bank does not use furikomi cards, however, they save the information to your cash card, so it's basically the same as a 'furikomi card'.

Post Office

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