Food and drink are often synonymous with each other in Japan. This page is for notable izakaya, bars, cafes or other places where you can wet your whistle either by the serve, or by the hour.



Pinball - Despite the name, this bar has nothing to do with pinball machines. Pinball is one of the main bars where foreigners in Okayama go. They serve a range of familiar drink mixes, and have a selection of food you can order.
How to get there: Head down Momotaro odori until you reach the river, turn right, and go up the escalators on your right.

Aussie Bar - True to its name, this bar is Australian themed and even run by an Australian. Staff are often foreigners, and the menu is in English, so you should have no problem ordering a drink. They stock a few Australian alcohol choices (wine and VB) and have a TV screen often showing popular sports as well as Aussie Rules Football matches. It also has the best music selection of any bar in the entire prefecture.
How to get there: Walk along Momotaro odori, and turn left at nishigawa (the river). A green and yellow 'Aussie Bar' sign should be visible.

Skippers - This 'Irish' pub serves a few imported European beers as well as the usual drinks of bars in Japan. The imported beers are obviously more expensive, but can be a change from the often served Asahi or Kirin beers. Food service is available, with items such as (beer battered) Fish and Chips, and beef stew. If you're nostalgic for the traditional Western pub experience, though, this may disappoint you.
How to get there: Close to the intersection of Nishigawa and Kenchodori, continue heading towards the Cred building or Kencho along Kenchodori.

Hanbey - Website This izakaya is notable for its retro Japan decorations, and service of beer in kettles. Hanbey offers nomihoudai with a large menu of drinks, as well as a large range of cheap snack items (but watch out, that stuff can add up). Cabbage is free, though! Bookings for larger groups may be needed (especially on Friday/Saturday nights), but usually you can do it by going in person in the evening.
How to get there: Go three blocks down Momotaro odori, turn right, then left. It's on the fifth floor of a building with several other izakaya.

Magic Bar 手品家 - Website Tejinaya does two things. It allows you to drink, while also watching some magic acts. The price is 3,500 yen but this gives you a 90 minute nomihoudai and your waiting staff are also magicians who will perform for you. Okayama's Magic Bar has a counter for up to 7 people, along with two 4 person tables, two 6 person tables and one 10 person table. Along with a magician in each seating area, they also do a stage show (be sure to order up a drink or two before, because service seems to stop during it).
How to get there: It is on the street that runs next to Tenmaya, parallel with Momotaro odori.

ハッピー Happy - This stand bar opens early and is good if you're looking for a quick alcoholic beverage before the night begins. There is also the option of a few simple snacks, such as oden and yakitori. Payment can be done per order, or tallied up by the lady that runs the place.
How to get there: Enter Sky Mall 21, the undercover mall next to Bic Camera, and walk down to the second intersection.

Magic Pan - Website Hawaiian Bar Magic Pan is a bar for all drinks fruity and tropical. Along with the tropical drinks, you can also order a selection of Hawaiian influenced foods, from Spam musubi to burgers and chocolate volcanoes. On occasion, Magic Pan has a cover charge of 300yen or minimum drink purchase. Additionally they also perform flair bartending.
How to get there: Check the website for a map. Magic pan is on the intersection of Nishigawa and Kenchodori, across from Hotel Maira, on the second floor.

ANA Hotel Sky Bar - Located on the 20th floor of the ANA Hotel, the hotel connected to Okayama station by the west exit bridge. The sky bar is quite stylish and gives a nice view. A nice place to drink if you want to feel a bit 'high class'. Drinks may be slightly more expensive compared to some other establishments.
How to get there: Enter the lobby of the ANA Hotel, across from the west exit bus terminal, and take an elevator to the 20th floor.


Starbucks - Of course, with their sugary bitter coffee mixes, Starbucks infiltrated Japan and managed to stay. There are a number of locations everywhere, all serving the same tasting drinks no matter which store you visit. Although the coffee may not be to everyone's taste, Starbucks in Japan does a number of seasonal drinks including sakura flavoured drinks, or green tea mixes that you'll find nowhere else.
  • Okayama city's Ichibangai (the underground mall)
  • Okayama city's kenchodori, in the building with Loft and Uniqlo
  • Kurashiki's Aeon Mall

J Cafe (map)This place is pretty smart for Okayama, feeling like a cross between a millionaire footballer's living room and somewhere Don Draper would go to for a long lunch. The food is pretty decent, but we found the menu to be kanji-heavy and quite confusing-fine if you can deal with that-if not,, you may have to guess/pester the staff for a recommendation. It's not especially cheap but definitely worth a visit if you fancy something a bit tackier smarter than usual.

Cafe Onsaya - Website Cafe Onsaya is a large, two story, often peaceful cafe in the covered mall near the Okayama International center. Their coffee is quite well prepared, and available in a variety of styles. They have a small selection of foods and desserts, with their waffles being quite a treat. Onsaya also hosts some live music events and sells their own roasted coffee.
How to get there: Head down the Hokancho covered mall, north of the Okayama international center.

Cafe Musiqa (map) Cafe Musiqa is located on the 3rd floor of a three storey building, on the corner where the tram turns right towards Sekibashi. It purports to be an arty, alternative kind of place. However, the shiny decor and par for the course menu don't really mark it out as anything too different from the usual spotless Japanese cafes/bars. In its favour, it has a very relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, truly fantastic parfait and a young, fashionable crowd. It's also worth visiting as a good place to collect flyers for whatever's happening on the Okayama nightlife circuit. Smoking allowed.

EXCAFE– (Website) A fresh, quiet café behind Okayama’s Main Post Office, EXCAFE has become a favorite among Okayamans and foreigners alike. The shop’s owner speaks decent English and rotates a lovely seasonal menu (also available in English) centered around whimsical espresso drinks (ex. spicy maple lattes, five spice cocoa and lavender lattes) and desserts. The menu also features a selection of smoothies, cocktails and house-made sodas. The shop can hold up to 15 people and can be reserved for private events. Non-smoking.
For more details, check out the review.

How to Get There: From the Yuubinkyokumae stop on the romendensya (Okayama tram) walk past the Okayama Main Post Office towards Tenmaya and take a right at the next intersection (before the Suit Outlet). EXCAFE is on the second floor in the building on the right (the one with an udon shop on the first floor).
Hours: 12:00-24:00 every day except Tuesdays (closed), irregular holidays

5 (MARUGO) - A small corner bar cafe on Kencho-dori. They serve a variety of coffee and smoothies (some of which are seasonal). I recommend the avocado smoothie to those that have never had one before.
How to get there: Just past Skippers (near the intersection of Nishigawa and Kencho-dori) on the way to the Cred/Loft/Kencho/... At the intersection.

Doutor- Another cafe chain, however this is a Japanese owned franchise. Similar to Starbucks, but with a smaller menu. They do, however, have monthly drinks (instead of the seasonal ones of Starbucks). They serve a small menu of sandwiches and cakes (their かぼちゃのタルト is quite nice). Doutor in Okayama station have a separate room for smoking.
  • Okayama station, next to Baskin Robins
  • Okayama station: small store inside the barriers at the upper level central exit.
  • Kurashiki's Aeon Mall

Pfft Cat Cafe(Website) - Yes, there's a cat cafe in Okayama city. Have a drink and some cake and enjoy the company of some furry feline friends.


Bubble Tea - For those looking for some tapioca filled drinks, there are a few independent stores located around Okayama.
  • Sky Mall 21, next to Bic Camera.
  • Quicklys at Kurashiki Aeon Mall
  • Bubble Star - near Okayama station - map



Slawbr - This nondescript bar is definitely the place to find gaijin in Kurashiki although there are also plenty of laid-back locals. Sometimes has live music, and rents out the upstairs room for special occasions. The Fish & Chips here is reasonably priced and good for a fix.
How to get there: Head straight out of the South Exit of the station, it's the small green clapboard building on your left after a couple of blocks (10 minutes).

Dessert Time (デザートタイム) – (Website) Opened 2013, Dessert Time is possibly the only Hookah Bar in Kurashiki. The shop prides itself on having a wide selection of shisha, but also has a fair selection of alcohols. The cocktail menu is not expansive, by any means, but the owner/bartender is friendly and willing to mix up different concoctions at your request. They have a shifting food menu including avocado tartar, in addition to bar standards like fries and fried chicken. The second floor of the shop is currently empty, but the first floor offers a choice of velvety sofa chair seating for groups, two person tables and bar seats.
How to Get There: Take the South Exit out of Kurashiki Station. Dessert Time is located left of the shopping arcade (that is left of Chugoku Ginkou, 中国銀行)
Hours: 11:30-4:00 (Café), 14:00-2:00 (Café & Bar), No fixed holiday, Mon-Fri (Lunch Specials)


Antique et Cafe Felicite -

f100 cafe (フューチャーヒャクカフェ) – (Website) f100 (or Future Hyaku) is an intimate, modern Kurashiki twist on the small town diner. Patrons have their choice of non-smoking bar, table or couch seating, surrounded by the arts and crafts of Kurashiki’s artisanal community. During the warmer months, one of the walls of the shop opens as a screen, making the entire shop a covered patio. Espresso drinks and alcoholic offerings are on the menu, but the café specializes in light, refreshing flavored teas. Standard Japanese café fare, like omurice and chiffon cake, are joined by more Western offerings, hotcakes and French toast. The café also has (actually) free Wi-Fi, a rarity in Okayama. f100 also holds music events regularly (the owner is a ukelele player).
For more details, check out the review.
How to Get There: Leave through the South Exit of Kurashiki Station. Taking the south exit from Kurashiki station, bear left off the Chugin Bank on main street into the shopping arcade. Walk straight until you hit an intersection with a light, and turn left. This is the intersection right before the Kurashiki City main post office. After you turn left, go straight, and f100 will be on your left.
Hours: Sun-Th 7:0021:00, Fri & Sat 7:0023:00, Irregular Holidays

Kurashiki Kouhii Kan (珈琲館)(Website) Founded in 1971, the Kurashiki Kouhii Kan has held itself to rigid standards of bean selection, roasting and brewing. The coffee here is roasted on site, in view of the customers, and brewed using the pour-over method or the Nel method, a labor and training intensive technique using a flannel filter that produces a clean, but dense coffee (think heavy Chemex). The specialty drinks are always worth a try. They also have an English menu available. The café is divided into non-smoking and smoking with a gorgeous alcove patio in the back. The Kouhii Kan also offers classes and holds music events periodically.
For more details, check out the review.

How to Get There: Leave through the South Exit of Kurashiki Station. Head south toward the Historical Bikan District. The Kouhii Kan is on the left, framed by a distinct red, wrought iron gate. Usually they have a sack of coffee beans sitting outside and a sign noting the day’s specialty drinks
Hours: Every day. 10:00 to 17:00

Neighbor Coffee Company – (Website) Located across from Kojima Station, Neighbor Coffee Company is the denim-making town’s answer to the trendy New York donut shop, and it’s not bad. With a full espresso menu, all made using their sparkly new La Marzocco, organic coffee, juices, teas and…Heineken, Neighbor Coffee pulls out all the stops. In addition to their ever-changing cake donut selection (cranberry, matcha almond, lemon cream cheese, blackout chocolate), the shop also offers lighter fare in the form of sandwiches and chicken wraps. Non-smoking.
For more details, check out the review.

How to Get There: Located on the corner at the beginning of Jeans Street across from Kojima Station. From Kurashiki Station, there is a bus to Kojima station, if you are coming from the west.
Hours: Open 8:00 to 20:00, except Thursdays (closed), usually open on holidays

Shiraishi Island


Moooo! Bar - You can't go to Shiraishi without a visit to the Moooo! Bar. Set up on the beach, this cow themed bar serves a few cow themed drinks such as the "moogarita" or "Dacowri" along with a few other tropical choices. Moooo! Bar Website

Sanchan - A small bar in a building near the beach that serves a simple selection of beer, shouchu and nihonshu. Sanchan is also one of the only places on Shiraishi that serves food frequently.