Okayama is amazing, but eventually you'll want to explore the rest of Japan. The following are nearby cities that are super easy to get to. Where to go and how to get there.
Remember, any time you have a public holiday, so does the rest of Japan. Golden Week, school holidays and Obon(for example) are 'high season' meaning most tourist places will be busy with large lines and prices may be more expensive for certain sights and hotels. Hotels may even have been booked out months prior. New Years, however, is a time for family members to return home, so some bigger cities may be relatively empty (but many things may be closed).
  • Check for discounted day passes for subways/trains/buses. (even a regular day pass ticket may save you money if you're planning to do a lot)
  • Book early to secure places to stay and at decent prices







One of Japan's four main islands and our neighbor across the Seto Inland Sea.