Here are some websites to get you started or help you when your brain just can't work out what to do for the next class.

Teaching ideas/resources
1) Englipedia:

2) 3 Wise Monkeys:

3) Daves ESL cafe

4) Genki English

5) ABC Teach

6) Boggles world

7) MES English

8) English Club

9) ESL Flow

10) ESL Resource Center

11) The Tiny TEFL Teacher

1) Discovery Education 'Puzzlemaker'

2) DLTKs Printable Crafts for Kids

3) ESL Free Press - Current news in easy English

4) A .docx to .doc converter
(If you cannot open a .docx file on your school/home computer, you can convert it quickly online. If you are using a recent version of word, you can choose to save word documents in .doc or .docx format.)

5) Photoshop Express Editor
(A very basic, free online version of Photoshop, for cropping, editing and retouching photos you want to use in worksheets.There's also the free and more powerful GIMP but it depends on whether you are able to download programs at work)

6) Describe It!
A Microsoft Excel designed system to use with games such as Pictionary, Taboo and Charades. It randomly selects a word (skippable up to 3 times per 30 second round) taken from the (~2011) New Horizon text books.

7) Vischeck
A downloadable program (as well as through the website itself) that can convert images to show how they will look for colourblind users.

8) dafont
A large collection of different, free to download, fonts.