This page contains a list of book, websites, etc about food in Japan.


Foodie Topography Okayama's Own Luc Gougeon writes fantastic local restaurant reviews on his blog.
My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch! Bento recipes from Kim McFarland


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Elizabeth Andoh
"In these pages, with kansha as credo, Japan culinary
authority Elizabeth Andoh offers more than 100 carefully
crafted vegan recipes."

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Recipes of Japanese Cooking
英語でつくる和食 (Eigo de tsukuru washoku)
Yuko Fujita
This comprehensive guide to Japanese cooking contains
easy-to-follow recipes along with detailed information on
seasonings, cooking utensils, and cutting techniques. Each
recipe is in Japanese and English.
(English and Japanese)

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タジン鍋で太らないごはん(Tajin nabe de futoranai gohan)
If you are interested in easy, fast, and healthy recipes then
invest in this book (and a Tajine pot). Although, the book is
entirely in Japanese, there are plenty of pictures and the
words are easy to look up in a dictionary.


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For those of you who can read Japanese or at least
are willing to translate, this is a popular food magazine.
You can find them in most bookstores.


Living Well in Japan

Former JET Kajsa Stolberg graciously provided us with "Living Well in Japan". It's a compilation of ideas she has come across during her five years in Japan. It contains a plethora of recipes for meals, drinks and even home beauty recipes. Take a moment to see if you find something you like.

As you begin your food adventures in Japan, please keep in mind some sound advice from Kajsa:
"I really did understand the craving for Western food, but I always knew I'd get back to it... if I could ask you anything to convey to the new JETs, it would be to embrace the food and ingredients of Japan and Okayama because, personally, I've never felt so far away from something I might never truly experience again. Where I live in Michigan there aren't Family Marts in every town with trusty onigiri's or bottles of ice-cold pure green tea for only 120 yen... there aren't school functions where the students cook whole sweet potatoes for you, or pound mochi, or venders selling yaki soba at every matsuri!"