Tips, advice and links for finding your way around by plane.

Within Japan
You can fly cheaply and easily within Japan, sometimes it works out cheaper than the shinkansen if you book at the right time.
Booking direct with the airlines is often cheaper than going through other companies. The prices you'll get quoted on comparison sites for domestic flights are ridiculous, go direct to the airline's website.
ANA and JAL don't let you book directly more than two months in advance. Flights are released at 9.30am on the date 2 months in advance.
You can get discounts on the ticket price called 'Super Tabiwari' or 'Tabiwari' tickets if you book around 2 months in advance.

Some Popular Airlines:

Nearby airports:
  • Okayama Airport. Website.Okayama has it's own airport which flies within Japan. and to Asia. Offers some seasonal routes, e.g. direct to Sapporo (only in summer.)
  • Kobe airport - Website
  • Osaka Kansai - Website
  • Osaka Itami - Website
  • Tokyo Haneda - Website
  • Tokyo Narita - Website

To Asia
Okayama airport flies direct to Korea, China and Guam,

You can try expedia or other price comparison sites for deals for your home country. Or, book direct with an airline company.
You can usually get direct flights from Tokyo, but if you want to fly from Okayama/Osaka, you can often fly from there to Toyko (or Asia) to get a connecting flight home.
Booking far in advance can sometimes be cheaper.

It is also possible to book tickets by going into travel agents which occasionally have English speaking staff. Advantages include paying with your yen, and organizing payment options (X amount a week/month/by Y date).