Name: ● ● ● Bizen (備前・びぜん)
Prefecture: Okayama-ken (岡山県)
Population: ~37,000
JET count: ~2 ※
Website: ● ●click here
This number is an estimation based on the previous year, and does not account for any positions newly added.


Bizen City is on the south eastern border of Okayama prefecture. It is an amalgamation of multiple towns with some only added in 2005. Bizen city is known for Bizen-yaki, a traditional pottery style that features iron rich clay, long baking time and doesn't use a glaze. Additionally, Bizen city is home to Shizutani gakko the first 'public school' in Japan.

Towns of interest in Bizen city include:
Inbe -
Yoshinaga -
Hinase -
Katakami -


Hinase Port festival
Hinase Oyster festival
Hinase Sawara festival
Hinase fireman's water fight festival
Hinase Seaside Festival
Bizen Katakami festival
Bizen-yaki festival

Places of Interest

Shizutani gakko
Hinase Gominoichi fish market
Bizen Latin American Museum
Yudachiukeyama lookout
Hinase Okonomiyaki restaurants

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